How to Get a Fresh Start from a Box

Start New Every Day

"The earth does not belong to us. We belong to the earth." -Vandana Shiva

Each day is an opportunity to begin again. Starting fresh brings many benefits. It helps us grow and bounce back when things get tough. It means leaving yesterday’s worries behind, clearing our minds, and feeling motivated for what’s ahead. Doing this helps us see things in a positive light, feel better, and handle challenges with a clearer mindset. It’s a chance to improve and find happiness each day. 

The Fresh Start Cleansing box offers soap, scents, smudge, and organic truffles—a mix designed to clear your mind and spark your joy. This collection features artisanal products chosen for their focus on organic and clean ingredients that are good for you and a healthier planet.

What's inside your box: 

  • 12 oz liquid soap in glass bottle from Lineage
  • 4 oz glass bottle of essential oils with 10 reeds from The Noble Brand
  • White sage smudge stick from Liv Rocks with hand carved heart dish
  • 4 pcs vegan and organic chocolate truffles from Missionary Chocolates

Learn more about the Makers and their work: 

  • Lineage: Founded in Virginia in 2015, this brand, owned by Paul and Jessica, reflects their passion for timeless, handcrafted design. Each item embraces eco-friendly practices, using American-made materials and minimalist packaging. The Satsuma and Saffron soap in an amber glass bottle: in the world of opulent self-care, this liquid soap for hands and body takes center stage. Inspired by beloved fragrances, it weaves a captivating tapestry of sweet citrus, jasmine, orange flower, and red ginger.

  • Liv Rocks offers hand-selected, ethically sourced crystals, jewelry, and smudge bundles, fostering wellness through nature's gems. Born from Liv's passion, this brand invites you to join a visionary's journey, where every purchase supports a young entrepreneur's dream. White Sage Pink + Purple Lavender smudge stick will naturally cleanse your space, burn the white sage smudge stick to show you the way to a fuller heart. Lavender evokes a deep sense of serenity, trust, and inner peace. Paired with a hand carved natural stone heart dish.

  • The Noble Brand, a black, disability, female-owned company, offers luxurious home fragrance products for your self-care journey. Embracing a message of self-love and empowerment, the people working on these products believe everyone is royalty and deserves the best. Handcrafted with care using clean, non-toxic ingredients, their mission is to merge clean products with luxurious quality, ensuring you receive nothing less than royalty-worthy excellence. The Warm Ginger Reed Diffuser gives you a cozy embrace of Warm Ginger. A delightful blend of lemon, peppery ginger, saffron, and amber creates an earthy yet inviting aroma. Crafted with non-toxic ingredients, including ginger, patchouli, and cedarwood essential oils.

  • Missionary Chocolates: Founded in 2008 by Melissa Berry, Missionary Chocolates started as a gift for her vegan mother and quickly blossomed into a thriving company. Winning top honors at a chocolate festival in Portland, their mission remains focused on funding an integrative healing center in the city through their chocolate success.Vanilla Salted Caramel truffles: Fair-trade, vegan, organic chocolates from a chocolatier with a medical degree, these are truly just what the doctor ordered.

Close up of a smudge stick on a stone dish
    How to use a smudge stick: 

    Embrace the ritual of smudging with a smudge stick—ignite one end and let it weave magic as fragrant wisps of smoke spiral upwards. Hold it gracefully at a tilt, guiding the aromatic cloud around yourself, your space, or others, gently swaying the feather or your hand to spread the cleansing essence. As the tendrils dance, focus on your intentions—be it purification, inviting positivity, or setting the stage for serene tranquility. When the ritual concludes, honor the moment by carefully extinguishing the smudge stick in a fireproof vessel, letting the enchantment linger in the air.