Beauty Takes Time with Eva Markarian of seedbloom

There is no industry standard for what it means for a skincare product to have "clean" ingredients. Like so many other mass-produced items, skincare brands can make a lot of claims about their products. You might have to dig deep to figure out if they contain chemicals or ingredients that are not good for you. Or you could make yourself a human test pad.  

We learned a few things about this with Eva Markarian, the founder of seedbloom, a wellness and skincare brand based in Los Angeles, California.

Eva Markarian, Founder and CEO of Seedbloom, a Wellness & Skincare company
Eva Markarian, founder and CEO of seedbloom

Natural Beauty Takes Time

Eva started seedbloom after spending years educating herself about natural remedies, a tradition passed down from her grandmother. Suffering from allergies and other debilitating health issues, Eva began by researching homeopathic alternatives. This led her to understand that many synthetic remedies had natural plant-based origins. For example, Retinol is a synthetic derivative of Vitamin A. While Retinol is widely used, it can be a very aggressive and harsh treatment for people with sensitive skin. A plant-based solution may take a little longer to produce the same results, but it can be far more gentle and better tolerated by sensitive skin. "Depending on how the natural solution is formulated, you could have wonderful results. It might take a little bit longer, just like anything natural takes longer." People who value their health often choose the natural option because it is better for their overall health in the long run.

Knowledge is Power

People are also looking more holistically beyond their health and considering how businesses are impacting the environment. In recent years, many people have been more inclined to purchase products that they know are not only good for their health but are also ethically made and environmentally friendly. "Greenwashing" is an increasing trend where businesses aim to benefit from the demand for eco-friendly products by making specific claims regardless of whether their products are organic, healthier, chemical-free, recyclable, or use fewer natural resources. By using certain buzzwords on their packaging and advertising, many brands have capitalized on the trend without delivering on the promise. Eva has seen this in the "celebrity" beauty brands. "They say their products are all-natural and non-toxic. But when you look at the ingredients, there are all these preservatives and fillers that you don't need. They make the product cheaper for the brand to manufacture." It's easy to find the truth, though. Turning the bottle over to read the ingredient list instead of relying on marketing claims can often reveal the harmful components. Eva takes pride in being transparent about what goes into her products. She lists her ingredients directly on the product page and goes out of her way to educate her customers about them. Being honest about the ingredients in her products, she has established a foundation of trust with her customers. She takes time to educate and help them make better choices about the products they use. "It makes me so happy when I get messages or phone calls from people saying, 'I tossed 90% of what I had because of the research you sent me'," she says. "Knowledge is power. The more, you know, the more you're able to make that change in your life."

Connect to Small Batch Businesses

Eva takes the quality and purity of her products very seriously, but it goes beyond that. She also prioritizes the relationships she has with everyone involved in her brand. "It's your product, it's your design, you know. So with me, I wanted to be more intimate and on top of every single thing." Eva sources her oils from a small farm distributor in Northern California. She likes that they are also a small, woman-owned business. She enjoys knowing the people behind the ingredients in her products. "It is essential to me to be connected to them and know my sources, where they are coming from, and what they stand for." She also works hard to build that kind of relationship with her customers. "I'm always connected. I talk to my best clients every month asking them how they like the products, what they want to see," she says. A lot of times, her new products are inspired by what she hears from her customers. "When I have new product launches, it's all because of them."

Eva also enjoys getting to know her peers who are making natural wellness products in small batches. "When I do these pop-ups and markets, I meet these brands and connect with them. I love it. I've met a woman who does hair products, and I bought some of her stuff. It is so good. And it's exactly like what I do. So I promote her in the community because when we uplift and support each other, that's when we do really well. It doesn't cost anything to support somebody, to post about something you bought from them." It isn't a competitive community. The more small brands making natural products that support each other, the stronger all of them will be.

SeedBloom's hand and body lotion
seedbloom's hand and body lotion

Make Better Choices

Making better choices for yourself takes time and effort, but the results are worth it. Seedbloom's commitment to transparency, education, and community building sets a standard for other companies to follow. 

So why settle for skincare products that are harmful to you and the environment? Join a community dedicated to natural, safe, and effective products. Choose seedbloom, changing lives one blend at a time. 

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