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Renee and Robert, co-founders of Here I Am Box, at the beach
Robert Dugan and Renee Trepagnier, Co-Founders of Here I Am

Here I Am is an online boutique offering a thoughtfully edited selection of gifts and one-of-a-kind "must haves" from artists and makers who prioritize the health and longevity of our planetWe cater to conscious consumers looking for holistic well-being or responsibly made products for the home. 

We are dedicated to making a material positive impact on society and the environment. We celebrate craftsmanship, authenticity, and mindful consumption by offering high-quality earth-friendly items that resonate with those who value a sustainable lifestyle and make socially responsible choices.

By choosing Here I Am, you are contributing to a more sustainable world by reducing your exposure to harmful chemicals, minimizing pollutants and waste, and promoting social inclusion. 

Who We Are

In 2022, Renee and Robert co-founded Here I Am as a purpose driven online retail business with a mission to spread beauty, spark curiosity and create a more equitable, socially responsible, and environmentally secure world.

Renee Trepagnier, Co-Founder and CEO

Renee believes that people are stronger together. She enjoys connecting people who are just starting out with others who can help them. She cares deeply about social justice and environmentalism and never misses a chance to practice a little self-care.  

Previously, Renee worked as an executive in technology startups. She graduated with a degree in History from the University of Texas, Austin.

Robert Dugan, Co-Founder and President

Robert is a champion of underserved communities and people. He always stands up to a bully. He seeks to generate change and happiness through deploying empathy, humility, and passion.

Previously, Robert worked as a sales leader in healthcare technology. He graduated with a degree in Political Science from the University of California, Berkeley.

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    Commitment to Diverse Communities

    The magical creations in our shop come exclusively from a wide range of small, independent artists representing diverse cultures, attitudes, and ideas in their work.

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    Ethical and Sustainable Craftsmanship

    Our makers use materials and ingredients that are clean, vegan, and often organic. They make their products by hand in small batches and guarantee ethical production practices.

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    Supporting Local Economies

    We work with artists who are the owners and founders of their own businesses. They are all based in the US and create their products locally. Our relationship not only financially benefits their businesses, it also benefits the local community where they are.

Our Sustainability Promise

We are deeply committed to empowering independent artists and makers dedicated to sustainable and responsible practices. We prioritize eco-conscious practices by primarily sourcing from small, ethical brands that align with our values of sustainability, fair trade, and minimal environmental impact. Our products are carefully curated to ensure they meet stringent eco-friendly criteria, utilizing recycled or biodegradable materials whenever possible. Moreover, Here I Am Box actively reduces waste by employing thoughtful packaging choices and encouraging reuse or recycling. We promote transparency by sharing the stories behind our products, fostering a connection between consumers and the artists or makers, emphasizing ethical production processes. 

As a Public Benefit Corporation, we've institutionalized our mission to focus on serving eople over profit. Our purpose is to create a positive impact on society and the planet from our business and operations.

Environmental Initiatives

We've launched a Zero Waste Packaging initiative to minimize waste in our packaging and shipping processes. We're proud to work with Boox, a company dedicated to eliminating single-use waste and promoting a Circular Economy. Their shipping boxes are made from recycled plastic. When their boxes are returned to them, they are refurbished and reused up to 10 times before being recycled themselves and turned into more booxes. 

To incentivize more sustainable shipping practices, we offer low-cost or free ground shipping to the US and add a surcharge to the price of overnight or air delivery.

Measurements of our Success

Our primary strategic goal is to support the growth of US businesses that are owned and operated by independent artists or makers from underrepresented communities that are committed to ethical and sustainable production practices. 

In 2023, 90% of our products were purchased from artists and makers who identified themselves as women, BIPOC, or LGBTQIA+ owned brands. We are steadily progressing towards our goal of doing business with an increasing number of small businesses like these. Additionally, we seek to create long-term partnerships with these businesses by placing consistent repeat orders with them, providing a reliable stream of income for them. 

The full list of the small businesses we have purchased from and links to their websites can be found here.

Supporting the Atrium Foundation

Here I Am Box is a proud supporter of the Atrium Foundation, an organization that helps pay bills for people affected by cancer. Our partnership with the Atrium Foundation is one way we can support our community of artists in a time of need. 

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