Tamalitoz Tales: Love in the Time of Covid

Once upon a time, there were two souls named Jack and Dec who discovered a connection that transcended time and distance. Jack, a dreamer working at a marketing firm, lived in Mexico where he grew up. Dec, an adventurer with a British spirit, left his business and homeland behind to be with Jack.

Collage of a photo of Jack and Dec from Tamalitoz with a second image of two hands holding multiple packages of their Tamalitoz candies
Jack and Dec, co-founders of Tamalitoz

The humdrum of their corporate jobs lacked the spark that Jack dreamed of. He envisioned a world where his hands wove magic, crafting delectable confections that could transform frowns into smiles. The candy-making profession beckoned to him like a siren's call, promising joy and wonder with every bite, but transforming this dream into a full-time endeavor seemed elusive.

In a twist of fate, Jack met a candy maker while on a business trip to Australia. This candy whisperer shared his secrets of old-fashioned candy making. With newfound knowledge and unwavering determination, Jack embraced his destiny.

Together, Jack and Dec, left the corporate world behind to create their own candy-filled wonderland. Sugarox, their candy store, emerged as a beacon of sweetness in the heart of Mexico. Jack's hands, guided by his imagination, conjured tantalizing flavors and captivating designs, while Dec handled the practicalities that kept their dreams afloat.

Candy lovers took notice, and soon, whispers of their extraordinary "Tamalitoz" candies spread like wildfire. The couple moved to Austin, Texas with plans to expand their candy business to America. While demand for their creations surged, the couple faced a daunting challenge. How could they make enough Tamalitoz to satisfy their growing demand without surrendering the artisanal essence that infused their candy-making process?

Traditionally, companies turn to co-packers when they need to scale their business. Co-packers manufacture and package products, but often require very large minimum orders so that they can make a return on their investment. The benefits of mass production would mean losing their connection to their candy that had been so meaningful to them. Plus, the cost of an initial run at most of these co-packers would have bankrupted Jack and Dec’s small business. 

And then, a global pandemic turned everyday life upside down. With the owners stuck in Austin during the lockdown, their Mexican stores suffered and eventually faltered. With tears in their eyes and heavy hearts, the couple were forced to close their candy shops in Mexico City. 

But amidst the chaos, a glimmer of hope emerged. Jack met a co-packer who understood the sanctity of their candy-making craft. Together, they developed a plan where the co-packer would shoulder the burdensome aspects of cooking and packaging the product, while Jack and Dec would preserve the artistry and craftsmanship that made Tamalitoz so enchanting.

As COVID-19 locked down the world, people sought solace in the simplest of pleasures. Tamalitoz became a guiding light, a portal to a world where taste buds danced in delight at exotic flavors that carried them away. The Tamalitoz candies served as a bridge, connecting weary souls to the essence of Mexico's vibrant spirit.

Through resilience and unwavering devotion, Jack and Dec emerged victorious, their beloved candy the Tamalitoz, with edgy names like "Peach Slapped" and "Bite Me", stands proudly against the odds. Scaling hadn't dimmed their creativity; it had opened doors they never dreamed possible, but on their terms. The essence of Sugarox remained vibrant, a testament to their unwavering commitment to bringing joy to the world.

In this tale of love, magic, and candy, Jack and Dec remind us that the ordinary can be transformed into the extraordinary. When passion and imagination intertwine, the universe conspires to guide us along the path of our dreams, leaving behind a trail of sweetness that lingers in the hearts of all who taste its magic.

Bag of Pamolitoz, a kettle corn candy from Tamalitoz
Palomitaz, available from Here I Am Box
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